T.J.Richards C.Eng

Testimonial for St Leonard’s Dunston School

“Little things mean a lot” an appropriate comment for our school. We have been associated with this small village school for 3 plus years and now have our two grandchildren attending. Prior to starting we were given details and a school visit. From this point everything we were told has been true, all the staff have been extremely helpful and supportive. In early years we could take the children into their class, any issues could be directly passed to the teacher. Later we find the children want to be more grown up and go in themselves.

It is very easy to discuss points with any of the teachers before/after school and for more advice it is easy to make appointments with the Head. Most of all everyone is very friendly, staff, pupils, parents/carers. The school have many events to allow you access to see what the children are doing, lunches where you can attend and sit with the your children for lunch, parent teacher meetings, sports day, Christmas fayre, school plays, summer show, outside visits, and church festivals. Most important for us was the size of the school and the care the children get, and this has been fulfilled.

Tony and Pam Richards

Yours sincerely

Tony J Richards C.Eng




“We are very happy with our son’s progress since joining St Leonard’s C.E First School. He is very happy here.
Our son is always supported and encouraged with his learning and we are more than happy with everything that St Leonard’s provides for him.

Thank you for believing in our son and pushing him to get the most amazing results. Regards”

Louise and Dan Mitchell


My youngest son joined St Leonard’s half way through Reception, within weeks his confidence grew, he finally is excited to go to school everyday and has become a happy, bubbly child. The staff are excellent- supportive and very approachable, the whole school has a lovely, caring ethos. My son loves the large playing field with it’s Eco garden and chickens! I am delighted with the school.

Miranda Stubbs



I dreamed I stood in a studio,

and watched two sculptors there,

the clay they used was a young childs’ mind,

and they finished it with care.


One was a teacher,

The tools she used were books, music and art

One was a parent

With a guiding hand and gentle loving heart


And when at last their work was done,

They were proud of what they had wrought, for the things they had worked into the child

Could never be sold or bought!

And each agreed she would have failed if she had worked alone

For behind the parent stood the school and behind the school

Stood the home


“A Sincere thank you Mrs. Plant for your inspiration, loving, caring, and  motivation It lasts a lifetime”


Riven and Ocean’s mum