Our School P.T.F.A.

St. Leonards Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA)                        

Thanks to the fantastic support of parents/carers and the many other people who care about our school, the PTFA has been able to fund a significant number of activities and experiences for the children at St. Leonard’s over the past year including; a pantomime visit, transport for trips and activities, Christmas and Summer fairs, an end of term party and magic show and lots more. With your help, the PTFA has also been able to fund the replacement of the pavilion roof so that this lovely space can be enjoyed by the children for many years to come.

We’ve got a great programme of activity lined up for the coming year and are always looking for new members regardless of how much or little time you are able to give – so please read on to learn a little more about St. Leonard’s PTFA and how you can get involved.

What is the PTFA?

A group of people including parents/carers, teachers and friends of the school who help to organise events, both fund raising and social.

 Why does St. Leonard’s PTFA exist?

To raise funds to buy things, for the benefit of the children, that the school could not otherwise afford, as well as organising social events and experiences for the children and their families.

 Who can belong to the PTFA?

Anyone! Those with children at the school or who work at the school are automatically a member of the PTFA. Being involved with the PTFA is lots of fun and a great way to meet other parents and carers.

 When does the PTFA meet?

The PTFA meets approximately once per month in the school pavilion. Dates and times of upcoming meetings are published in the Friday Post and on the PTFA Facebook page.

I can’t attend meetings, can I still help?

Absolutely. You don’t need to be able to attend meetings to play a part in the PTFA. There are many ways you can help, particularly around events where we always need help securing donations, manning stalls, help setting up, etc.

 How can I find out more?

The St. Leonard’s PTFA Facebook page is a great way to keep up to date with the PTFA’s plans and how you can help. Alternatively, you can contact Justine Trumper, PTFA Vice Chair – Justine_Trumper@yahoo.com or 07903 400381.