Parents will be made welcome at school at any time.  They will receive an annual written report about their child and two consultation evenings will be held during the school year as well as an opportunity to discuss the annual report. 

Parents do not need to wait for these evenings to discuss their child’s progress.  It is helpful if parents make an appointment with the class teacher if it is necessary to spend more than a few minutes in discussion.  Parents are invited to Sports Day, Christmas plays, church services and other events. We believe that links between home and school are vital and good relationships can help to ensure that a child gains the maximum benefit from school.  Parents may come into school to help in a variety of ways during school time. 


There is a Parent Teacher Friends Association where meetings and activities arranged are open to all parents.  The association helps the school by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities and equipment, fostering extended relationships between staff and parents and engaging in activities which support the school.