Curriculum Information

Welcome to St. Leonard’s C.E (VC) First School – Our Curriculum

A place where children “learn to love and love to learn”.

At. St. Leonard’s First School we have high expectations of all our children. We aim to inspire our pupils to become confident learners academically and socially. Our curriculum is designed to develop these skills. Our children leave here at the end of Year 4 as confident, inspired learners ready to embrace their next educational journey. We will update your child each term with topic information as to what your child is learning about at school. Every day we teach numeracy and literacy and detail information as follows with further information as to other areas of the curriculum.


We teach reading through the use of daily-guided reading sessions. Pupils take part in reading or key skill activities to improve their reading. Sessions focus on the different aspects of reading, such as focusing upon phonics, comprehension or features of a particular text. Children who are not reading with their teacher are engaged in other activities, such as reading with other adults or taking part in other learning activities focused upon key aspects of literacy. Last year we refreshed our Phonics Scheme. We also have a link on our website to Oxford Owl. Log in details will be provided to your child.

Pupils also have access to extra choices of fiction and non-fiction books from books available in the classroom. We send home each week a reading diary and we do request that parents also read at home with their child and send their comments into school.

On 6th March, 2014 all schools within The Wolgarston Collaboration are to take part in the Big Read; all staff, pupils and school community will all read from 10.45 am to 10.55 am on the day. All staff play an active role in the Big Read to show pupils how important reading is at school.


Phonics is a systematic approach to learning and it helps pupils to learn how to read, write and spell. This takes place every morning in Reception and KS1. In 2013 the school has invested in Phonics Bug for use in the classroom, this allows teachers to teach phonics on an interactive whiteboard with teacher resources. We also use Sounds and letters and the link is

All children are tested in phonics in Year 1 in line with national guidelines.


Children participate in numeracy between 45 minutes and 1 hour a day; dependent upon their age.

Please see our Calculations Policy in our policies section: This shows the methodology involved when we teach addition, multiplication and subtraction. This policy will allow you to support your child at home with homework in the topics of Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction and Division.


Practical observations and simple experiments with the chance to make predictions and draw conclusions are an important part of our teaching in Science. Children are encouraged to become independent learners by drawing upon their own logical thoughts and questioning scientific processes. We also teach science outdoors in our school grounds and are in the process of erecting a pond for the teaching of science within the school grounds. We are fortunate to have a fantastic outdoor environment for the teaching of science. We often run a Science After School club which is very popular with our pupils.

Information Technology:

Children are taught the skills of IT and are encouraged to use Information Technology across the National Curriculum. Each class has 3 computers and our ICT suite has 8 computers. We have recently invested in Apple Technology and children now have access to Apple TV and 16 I – Pads. We release an educational “App” to parents each month through our weekly newsletter and we have recently held a Parents’ Workshop to promote e-safety at home.

We also encourage children to use Education City at home see link below:

Design and Technology:

This is a practical subject where children can make products using a variety of materials, including textiles, food, construction kits, wood, card and paper. They are encouraged to design, make and evaluate items relevant to their topic work.


Art is taught at school as part of our creative curriculum. Art provides pupils the opportunity to develop their creative skills. We use a variety of mediums, such as paint, charcoal and textiles in the teaching of art. Children are also introduced to the work of famous artists and work from other cultures. We also run an after school club for those children who particularly enjoy art and creativity. At Christmas we host a parents Christmas Craft club where parents can join their children in making Christmas decorations for our annual lighting of our Christmas Tree.


We teach geography in line with the National Curriculum. Topics will be sent home each term by your class teacher.


Children are encouraged to build upon their natural musical abilities. Children are funded in KS2 to learn violin and glockenspiel on a 2 year rolling programme. Every year our pupils in Class Pluto join other First Schools to showcase their musical talents in concerts in partnership with Staffordshire Performing Arts.

Modern Foreign Language:

We teach French in KS1.

Experience of a Modern Foreign Language is integrated into the curriculum from KS2 and currently this is French.

Physical Education:

We currently teach Physical Education, we have excellent outdoor grounds including a school field and access to our local village hall. This term we have taught dance and in the Summer term we will be teaching gymnastics. Children participate in physical education indoors and outdoors. We also participate in The Wolgarston Dance Festival each year. We also run an extensive range of after school clubs to promote physical education; these include Dance, Gymnastics, Football, Multi Skills and Tennis. We also run a pre-school activity class from 8 am “Fun D Kats” in school which is very popular with our pupils. During the Spring Term we are also running a cooking and healthy lifestyle after school class to teach pupils the importance of healthy eating.

Religious Education and Collective Worship:

We are proud to be a pastoral school who promote Christianity throughout our school. We teach Religious Education as a compulsory part of our Curriculum and we are supported by the Lichfield Diocese.

We also teach and welcome other faiths and alternative provision will be made for any children who withdraw from religious education or worship.

Thinking Thursdays

Secrets of Success

Our school prayer is:

This is our school, Let Peace be here

Let the rooms be full of contentment

Let love be here, Love of one another

And love of God, Let us remember,

That as many hands build a house,

As many hearts make a school


We strive to achieve a positive, caring atmosphere throughout our school. Collective worship (assembly) takes place three times a week. Revd. Kareen Lowther, the Vicar of Dunston with Coppenhall is based at our school two days per week and appointments can be made upon request. Our school is supported by the Lichfield of Diocese within our religious studies